About Technic ONE

About Technic ONE

"AAR Rus" - the Resident of Logistic Special Economic Zone “Ulyanovsk-Vostochny”

About Us
Technic ONE (former "AAR Rus"), LLC was established at June15, 2012 in Ulyanovsk Region of Russian Federation as the vehicle of development of Logistic Special Economic Zone “Ulyanovsk-Vostochny”.
Technic ONE was established by Mukharbek Aushev who succeed in business as the Vice-President of LUKOIL - the biggest oil company of Russia, and who also succeed in politics as the Deputy of Parliament of Russia.
Mukharbek Aushev has invested in Technic ONE his money, reputation, ties and experience.
He assembled the full range team of experts, including:
• Investments and sales
• Development and GR
• Global and local logistics and foreign trade
• Foreign markets and business, including China
Mukharbek Aushev has provided Technic ONE with support from federal and regional authorities of Russia and also from the biggest Russian banks, like the State Corporation “Vnesheconombank”.
He has provided Technic ONE with official status of resident of Logistics Special Economic Zone “Ulyanovsk-Vostochny”, which gives us the customs and taxation benefits and also the access to land of this Special Economic Zone for our projects implementation.

Development of Ulyanovsk-Vostochny Logistic Special Economic Zone as the Integral Part and Growth Point of Leading Global Development Projects, such as “Silk Road Economic Belt” and “Eurasian Economic Union”.
Convergence of Russian and Chinese markets, corporations and businesses in such areas as:
• Foreign trade and logistics
• International transportation and terminal handling of cargo
• Aircraft maintenance and repair

Project 1
Development of Biggest in Russia International Aircraft Maintenance Center (MRO), as the supplier of current maintenance and repair service for Russian and foreign air companies, using Russian and foreign aircraft.

Project 2
Development of International Logistics Center, as the tool of promotion, sales and distribution of goods, imported from abroad.
The first warehouse at 3,600 pallet spaces will be prepared to receive the cargo from abroad without foreign trade contracts and customs charges in January 2016.
We are able to get in our Special Economic Zone the land for construction of warehouses at 36,000 pallet spaces and more.

Project 3
Development of International Intermodal Hub, as the junction of rail, road, air and sea transport communications, connecting our Free Customs Zone with China, Kazakhstan, Belarus and EU.
The Hub will be provided with transshipment, storage and vehicle maintenance facilities.
The project turnover of the Hub is TEU 100 000 annually.

About Our Logistic Special Economic Zone
The “Ulyanovsk-Vostochny” is the only Logistic Special Economic Zone, which is working in Russia today. It is located on the Great Russian River Volga in the center of European part of Russia, where produced more than 70% of Russian GDP and where is the home to more than 75% of Russian population.
• Our location gives us the following advantages:
• Delivery by land from/to Russia/China border in 6 days
• Delivery by land from/to Russia/Kazakhstan border in 1 day or from/to Kazakhstan/China border in 4 days
• Delivery by land from/to Russia/Belarus border in 1 day or from/to Belarus/EU border in 2 days
• Delivery through the Black Sea from/to Chinese seaports in 30 days
And also
• Over 70 million consumers within a radius of 1,000 km
• Large-scale production of agriculture and forest products, and also of potash fertilizers and other mineral products within a radius of 1,000 km

Our status of the resident of Logistics Special Economic Zone gives us the following benefits:
• Import of goods from abroad to our warehouses in Logistic Special Economic Zone and their unlimited storage on our warehouses without foreign trade contracts and customs charges
• Free of tax on real estate and movables
• 2% rate of income tax
• Access to land within the Logistic Special Economic Zone

These benefits provided by Federal Law “About Logistic Special Economic Zones” and their preservation during 49 years are guaranteed by Russian Federation.

Our Legal Details and Contacts
Technic ONE, Limited Liability Company
Main State Register Number 11273229001645
Resident of Logistics Special Economic Zone “Ulyanovsk-Vostochny”
Legal Address:
Building 33 in “Ulyanovsk-Vostochny” Airport in Cherdaklinskiy District of Uliyanovsk Region
of Russian Federation, ZIP Code 443400
Executive Office:
Block 44 of Building 11 on Ordzhonikidze Str., in Moscow City of Russian Federation, ZIP 115419
Phone: +7 (495) 232 2198